When should I make rental reservations?

Early planning ensures the first choice of rental equipment.

What if some of the rental products are not used?

Once rental equipment is received by the customer there is no refund for any items that are not used.

 What payment methods do you accept?

Events Rentals  accepts all major credit cards, along with PayPal. When paying with a personal check for rental services totaling over $100.00, a credit card number must also be provided to ensure payment in the event the check does not clear. No out-of-state checks are accepted. A $30.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks

When is final payment due?

Payment is due upon delivery or customer pick-up.

Can I make changes to my order?

Any changes to orders must be made 72 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up or delivery date. Availability of inventory is not guaranteed if new items are added or quantities increased within this 72 hour window. If a rental item that required a deposit is cancelled, the deposit is non-refundable if said item is cancelled after 24 hours from placing the order. 

What are the rules to renting Linens?

When renting linen we ask that upon return, the linen is shaken free of debris and placed back into the linen bag(s) that the linen was originally sent in. Please do not place linens in plastic garbage bags, as this encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Do not have open flame candles on the linen, as you the customer will be financially responsible for any damage to items owned by Events Rentals.

A cleaning charge will be added to your bill if these steps are not taken. All broken, missing or damaged items will be the customer's financial responsibility.

What are the rental times?
Weekday rentals are based on 24-hour increments, i.e. 10:00 AM Tuesday – 10:00 AM Wednesday.  Weekend rentals apply to items picked up or delivered after 3:00 on Saturday and returned or picked-up by 3:00 PM on Monday.  We want to accommodate your schedule, so depending on our delivery route and schedule, early/late delivery arrangements may be made in advance. Please inquire if special arrangements are needed.

When Should I Expect My Delivery Or Pickup?

For your convenience we will gladly deliver your order the day before your event (as long as the items are available) . Deliveries are usually made between 8am and 7pm. We will make every attempt to notify you if your delivery will be running late, however we cannot give specific times, but can narrow your delivery or pickup down to morning or afternoon. We can also plan to “call ahead” before we make your delivery to narrow down the time but you’ll need to notify us and provide us with a contact name and phone number. If you must have a specific delivery time, please notify our staff in advance, as extra charges may be incurred. We will pick up your order the day after your event, weather permitting, unless it is Sunday or a Holiday, in which case it will be picked up on the following day. Occasionally, arrangements may be made (at no additional charge to you) to pick up items on a later day than the scheduled pick up date. Delivery does not include transporting equipment beyond pre-arranged, ground floor drop point, set up or tear down

Can I Pickup My Order At Your Store Location?

Yes. You may pick up any size order provided you have an adequate size vehicle for the items you will be picking up. We will assist in loading your vehicle. However, you will be responsible for securing the load. Events Rentals is not responsible for any property damage or personal injury sustained while equipment is being loaded into or out of a customer’s vehicle. If our employees assist in the loading or unloading the customer assumes the full risk of any such damage or injury. If you decide at the time you are picking items up, that you would like the items to be delivered, a delivery charge will be added and the delivery will be after regularly scheduled deliveries are made if our schedule permits.

What Happens If Something Is Broken, Damaged, Or Lost While In My Possession?

We do charge for missing, broken, damaged, and weather damaged items. Be sure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from weather. 

What Precautions Should I Take When Renting Linens?

All linens are sent to you “table ready.” If you receive linen that is not acceptable, please call the store immediately. If it is after business hours, please leave a message. It is expected that linen will be returned to us with food stains but please shake all food, confetti, glitter, animal hair, paper and debris from the linen before returning. Never put dirty linen in plastic bags as it will mildew quickly if damp. Sparklers will cause burn holes in the linen. Customers will be charged a replacement fee for all linens returned with tears, burns, holes and any permanent stains that do not wash clean. Any linen returned with wax will have a $6.00 cleaning charge per tablecloth.

Can I Keep Equipment Longer If Needed?

If for some reason you need to extend the use of our rental equipment, we ask that you call us before it is scheduled to be picked up or returned. We will then check the availability of the items to make sure another customer doesn’t have the items reserved. If someone does have the items reserved, we would have to honor their request and ask for the items to be returned to us. If there are no other reservations at that time, we will gladly extend your rental for the time needed. We would then ask for you stop in with the additional balance due or put it on your credit card over the phone, unless you have a charge account with us.

Is a damage deposit required?

No but All rentals require a valid drivers license and a valid credit card. Any damages or unpaid rentals will be charged.